The rise of the aluminum parts industry

Telease time:2019 / 03 / 04

Into a new era of development, how could aluminum companies catch the opportunity

In Bailian Hardware years of market survey. Under the new international market situation, due to the decline in aluminum consumption in the traditional field, aluminum consumption in emerging areas has not yet formed a certain scale, resulting in “shifting” of aluminum consumption; Sino-US trade friction and its chain reaction have caused the international market situation to deteriorate, the supply side of the aluminum industry The structural reform has been further promoted, The development of the aluminum processing industry has encountered unprecedented challenges.

Indeed, the aluminum processing industry is currently in an uphill phase, but the development prospects are still good. There are several main factors driving the aluminum processing industry: first, the macroeconomics continue to improve; second, the industrialization process is accelerating; third, the demand for end markets such as automobiles, furniture, aerospace, etc., ships, The gradual recovery of the oil and gas market.

In the case where such opportunities and challenges coexist, what adjustments should the aluminum enterprises have in order to have new achievements?

The first is to reduce production capacity, extend production chains, improve production quality, and optimize industrial structure. Strictly implement the quality and environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other regulatory standards, strictly adhere to the ecological and environmental protection bottom line, accelerate the ultra-low emission transformation, improve the existing technology level, improve the equipment level, and increase the concentration of production capacity.

The second is to enhance the perception of "brand-making enterprises." Brand is the foundation of business and the key to development. Adhere to the "quality licensing, technology creation, ingenuity and protection"; let the brand awareness take root in every employee's mind, through every production process, infiltrate every value creation chain, and respond to the call of "national goods as self-improvement" with practical actions.

Finally, it is responsible for implementing technological innovation and transformation and development. Enhance the full process intelligence level of R&D, production, management, marketing and service, and promote the deep integration of aluminum industry with logistics, finance, trade and internet.

As we enter a new stage of development, aluminum companies need to take on more responsibilities and do more trials and innovations to make a difference.

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