Nylon Patch

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Nylon Patch

The looseness of screws has always been a serious problem in industrial manufacturing and industrial products, and even a fatal hidden danger. This untimely safety accident has caused unpredictable harm to our daily life, work and even transportation and defense military. . Therefore, engineers and scientists from all over the world have long put forward profound research on screw anti-loose, and pray for the final solution.

"Gute" is the special durability solution of the locking force. It is the exclusive anti-loose technology brand of Foshan Saide Automation Technology Co., Ltd. The anti-loose screw is called "Gute anti-loose screw". .

"Gute anti-loose screw" is a special technology to permanently attach special engineering plastics to the thread, so that the internal and external threads are squeezed during the locking process, and the engineering plastic is squeezed to generate a powerful reaction force, which greatly increases the The friction between the internal and external threads provides absolute resistance to vibration. The Gute anti-loose screws provide this resistance completely distributed throughout the meshing section of the internal and external threads, and this friction is independent of the locking pressure between the internal and external threads. Once the Gute anti-loose screw is locked, the friction will be generated immediately and will exist forever. Even if the Gute anti-loose screw is not tight, it will not loosen. Different from the previous anti-return method, it relies on the screw lock. The friction generated by the back pressure acts as a retreat. Once the screw is loosened, the pressure is reduced, and the friction rapidly disappears and the anti-retraction effect is lost, so that the screw is loose.

Due to the strong elasticity and memory capacity of this special engineering plastic on the Gute anti-loose screw, the Gute anti-loose screw can be repeatedly disassembled 5 to 50 times, and the anti-loose function of the Gute anti-loose screw is still Persistent. Because this anti-loose engineering plastic is environmentally friendly, lightweight, and re-disassemblable, it is the most reliable Gute anti-loose screw product available today. Moreover, the special engineering resin on the Gute anti-loosening screw has the advantage of very high chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, and other solvents, and will not cause oxidative corrosion to the metal, so the solid anti-loose screw will not appear. The phenomenon of rust and plating film peeling contributes to the requirements of light weight, weather resistance and high quality.

This special engineering plastic, commonly known as anti-loose rubber, is suitable for anti-loose treatment of bolts and nuts of various shapes and various metal materials. The anti-loose screw is called Gute anti-loose screw, which is most suitable for the fastening of moving parts. Gute anti-loose screws were first used on American space shuttles. Later, Gute anti-loose screws were extended to the United States. In the automobile manufacturing industry, with the maturity of manufacturing technology and the reduction of cost, Gute anti-loose screws are widely used in 3C, bicycle, ice-skating ski equipment, furniture, sports equipment, medical equipment and other industries, completely replacing the traditional Retracting the gasket fully demonstrates the reliability of the fastening and anti-loosening action of the Gute anti-loose screw.


1, anti-loose function, can withstand any long-term vibration and the screw will not loose, is the best anti-loose technology.

2, can be reused, does not affect the fixed anti-loose function.

3, has excellent chemical resistance, because its chemical composition is a multi-component composite polyamide resin, which is inert, and generally solvents (stupid, ether, ketone, gasoline, diesel, acid, alkali, etc.) do not react.

4, temperature resistance, general products can be stored at minus 40Co to 80Co, its performance is stable, special products can be stored at minus 54Co to 150Co, its performance is stable.

5, can be stored, the general situation will not change performance in 4 years

6, material environmental protection, coating according to "SGS" inspection, in line with the EU ROHS directive, according to the relevant test methods of IEC62321.2008, no cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium toxic heavy metals, no detectable odor Benzene and odorous phenyl ether are toxic substances and are environmentally friendly products.


1. Stable, in a more demanding environment, the performance remains stable. The general product can be stored at minus 40Co to 80Co. Its performance is stable. Special products can be stored at minus 54Co to 150Co. Its performance is stable and can be stored for a long time.

2, reliable, Gute anti-loose technology is currently the most reliable anti-loose technology, reaching NAS (International Aviation Standards) standards, MIL (US military specifications) standards, is a world-class level.

3, efficient and efficient, because it is a pre-coating process, it is easy to use, suitable for use in automated equipment, readily available.

4, brand, we use imported raw materials, high quality assurance, the company has strong technical strength, can customize different products and professional equipment according to different needs of customers, to provide the best solution for enterprises.

5. Environmental protection is non-polluting and non-toxic.

Screw locking principle:

Preset torque type anti-loose screws" - "Gute anti-loose screws". It is a special engineering plastic processed on the screw to make the screw nut in the locking process, because the engineering plastic is squeezed to produce strong friction torque and reaction force, resulting in full tooth contact, providing absolute vibration The resistance makes the general screw become a permanent strong anti-loose screw, completely solving the screw nut loosening problem.

The necessity of screw anti-loose treatment:

The screws/nuts used in the industry are mostly JIS secondary tooth specifications, and the tolerances of the outer diameter of the screw and the inner diameter of the nut 2B are as high as 20 or more. Therefore, when the screw/nut is combined with the lock, a gap will be generated. Close cooperation, when the product is in vibration, operation and impact, it is easy to make the locking force disappear, and the screw is loose!

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