Future development trend of the steel industry

Telease time:2018 / 08 / 29

Future development trend of the steel industry

--Environmental protection, steel reis skyrocketing

As Bailian Hardware Limited lastest news report, in North China, government control more strict on the steel and Steel related industries.

After entering the summer, the weather was hot and rainy, which was not conducive to the production and manufacture of steel structures, shipbuilding and heavy equipment. The steel sales market was relatively deserted, and the market price should fall back. However, this summer, the summer is the opposite, the temperature is still high, the market price is even new high in the year, and the billet market resources seem to be in short supply. And why did this happend.

In this year, Bailian old custom parts making cost all showing varying degrees of rise. Main increase is on raw material. Of course Bailian didn't want to see this happend, as the price increased, will also cuase many trouble on Bailian. Also we need to explain to the custom whose price increased.

So we checked with the phenomenon, and Concluded as follow:

1. Material was controled in some suppliers, and they control the price also

2.The impact of production restrictions and environmental policies

3.Routine overhaul of steel enterprises under the off-season.   As stock raw material was controled in some suppliers but raw material requirment was still present the increase trend.

All these have a big affect on the raw material price increase, also have a impact on the fasterner makings.

Bailian now is checking our new way for making, and promise we will not rise in price easily, unless the price really does not support production, causing losses to Bailian.

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