"Take off the screw" hard but Almighty more

Telease time:2019 / 09 / 12

"Take off the screw"  hard but Almighty more

                                      ----Report by Bailian Hardware Limited

The key suddenly broke in the lock. In the panic, you can only ask the master to open the lock. Many people have had similar experiences in their lives. However, it is not known that in production, the screws are often broken in the device. It takes a thousand dollars or even more expensive to renew a new one, and it is not willing to pick up a maintenance master. "Trouble, less money, the most important thing is to get a long time, it is very likely that can not get out." Small screws that seem inconspicuous, can actually pick up the wind and waves, so many maintenance masters "smell the wind." However, on the live broadcast platform, some people dared to take off the screws and challenge the difficult tasks, almost no mistakes.

"The two 8mm screws are broken in the truck turbocharger, don't be busy, I will teach you to fix it on the spot." Although the person who took the screw before has welded the broken screw and the outer casing, but a pair of skill welding After the screws are completely repaired, it is easy to take out the wrench. The whole process takes about two hours, but the essence is concentrated in the quick video of more than one minute. "If you have an old iron that encounters a similar situation, you can try this method. If you don't understand, please feel free to trust me." He said

The name of the maintenance master is Qi Jianyong, a native of Suning County, Quzhou City. He has excellent welding skills and is especially good at using the method of welding to remove the screws of various broken drills. In the field of welding, he has been working for more than 30 years, and Jian Jianyong has unreservedly put it on the platform. Exquisite technology and sincere attitude, attracting many fans, and harvesting 82.4W fans in just one year.

Stunts, from the end

In the platform video, Jian Jianyong is always covered with oil and unkemptly drilled in the cracks of the vehicle. His skin is slightly dark due to the sun all year round, one hand joint is thick, ten nail seams are full of mud and Black and black oil. Electric welding is alive, dirty, tired, bitter, and long time is harmful to the body, but Jian Jianyong is not tired. “I often think of each job as solving a problem, not afraid, because I believe that I can do it.” The longer you work, the easier it is to have a sacred sense of mission and responsibility for the profession you are engaged in. As long as it is the work of Qi Jianyong, it must be 100% complete.

Qi Jianyong once fought for a day in order to take a screw. “Shijiazhuang’s customers came to me to help take two broken screws. The first one I took out in an hour or so, the second one I used a lot of methods, and I didn’t see any looseness.” Unlike the previous experience of breaking screws, The anti-theft spring inside this time increases the difficulty of taking out. Mars, which is produced by the contact between the burning electrode and the steel, splashes in front of the eyes. Even with a protective goggle, prolonged gaze can cause discomfort to the eyes. Yan Jianyong constantly adjusted his posture, looking for the right angle, kneeling, squatting, hoeing... For 15 hours, this "stabbing head" was finally pulled out.

On the matter of taking off the screw, Yan Jianyong, who is 44 years old this year, has never taken over. "Don't look at me when I am older, but I have to say that the welding and breaking screws are almost no match for me." Since the fire broke out, many people have come here every day, some are coming to ask for more. I want to ask Qi Jianyong to help solve all kinds of wonderful problems. As long as time permits, Yan Jianyong will come down. "It doesn't matter if the money doesn't cost. The most important thing is that the old irons can trust me and do their best to give the people a good job." Jian Jianyong never takes provocations, one is based on skill, the other is In the spirit of this craft. You have to love a line when you do a line.

There is a unique skill and talent, and there are friends around me who advised Jian Jian to open fast and let more people see it. The video of the first broken screw released by Yan Jianyong on the live broadcast platform was taken by his good brother. "I didn't expect to have so many people watching my videos. In the end, there were millions of players, and many people paid attention to me." At the same time, I was surprised by the huge traffic distribution of the fast-handed players. The power of platform updates.

With the increase in the number of times the works were taken, Yan Jianyong began to learn to shoot videos, edit, and find angles. In order to present more exciting works to the old irons, sometimes a work would be “polished” for two hours. Upload. Yan Jianyong said: "The quick hand is the same as the screw that I take off. I have to work hard to get more people to recognize."

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