electronical panel inspection meeting

Telease time:2022 / 04 / 20

                                                        Electronical panels inspection meeting

As a hardware manufacturer, Bailian Hardware Electronics Co., LTD.  Quality control is very important item in our manufacturer.  

Recently, we are working on the project of electrical converter housing (transfer, electrical panels,outdoor cabinets)for the customer.

The customer need fixed rivets in the bottom housing and on back of panel.  

And the rivet is required to have no coating on the surface, for better connection with other electronic components.  
Rivets are stamped and welded to the surface of the face. if not handled properly, the surface will show the stamped marks of these rivets.  

In our production line department, the quality manager has made detailed records of all kinds of quality problems happended.  

Today,inspectors hold a meeting, ccording to the electrical converter quality problem points to discuss better solutions, and do a good job of quality control.