oil circuit sealing hydraulic shell

Telease time:2021 / 11 / 15

Oil circuit sealing hydraulic shell

The oil circuit sealing hydraulic shell is a detachable connector designed by Bailian Hardware Co.,Ltd. Which is customized to seal the oil pipeline on the car. This accessory is composed of four parts. Among them, there are custom-made bolts for vehicle oil pipelines, and the cup cover is equipped with a sealing ring device. The cup cover is designed with a sloped threaded hole and a hole for quantitatively releasing oil. One is a threaded plug for the cup shell tank oil that can be removed.

High precision is required in the design and production of this product, to ensure that the position of the slope can be completely placed in the customer's car device after the threaded plug is installed.

In the actual trial feedback from customers, the sealing oil path runs smoothly.