Economic growth in the mechanical industry

Telease time:2018 / 08 / 10

In 2018, the economic operation of the machinery industry will achieve a profit growth rate of around 7%.

                                                                                   ———— What should Bailian do in this growth situation?

The China Machinery Industry Federation predicts that the economic operation of the machinery industry will be relatively stable in the whole year of 2018. The industrial added value, the main business income, the profit growth rate will be around 7%, and the import and export trade will grow moderately.

Chen Bin, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said on the 7th that "the operation of China's machinery industry in the first half of 2018" said that the operation of the machinery industry has basically met the expectations for the beginning of the year. Looking forward to the second half of the year, macroeconomic policies provide a good environment for the industry to achieve stable growth.

The China Machinery Industry Federation has the following judgments on the development of the main sub-sectors of the machinery industry in the second half of the year:

As the largest sub-sector of the machinery industry, China's auto industry has withdrawn from the small-displacement preferential policies of 1.6 liters and below in 2018, but the auto industry has entered a relatively stable growth period. The growth rate of China's automobile production and sales will be basically the same as that of the previous year.

As the second largest sub-sector of the machinery industry, the electrical and electronic industry is not optimistic about the situation of traditional leading products, and the thermal power market is declining. The gas turbine and wind power are basically flat. However, products such as fiber optic cables, power electronics, lithium-ion batteries, and power tools are in good market and form a strong support.

The petrochemical general equipment industry is the third largest sub-sector of the machinery industry. The economic situation of various related industries is getting better, especially the tightening of energy-saving policies in high-energy-consuming fields has brought the market demand for technological transformation to the industry. In addition, the rise in international oil prices has driven industry investment to become more active. It is expected that the petrochemical general industry will maintain a steady growth trend throughout 2018.

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