CNC Titanium Alloy Bolt and Nut Bike Set Screws

CNC Titanium Alloy Bolt and Nut Bike Set Screws

1. Material: Titanium,    Other material for choosing: Stainless steel, carbon steel, Brass and so on

2. Use place: Bikes      You can also using them for machine, Buildings, Cars and other places

Just one thing for notice: Confirm clearly about the Hardness and what effect you need

3. Size, Custom require.  As we do OEM and ODM service

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CNC Titanium Alloy Bolt and Nut Bike Set Screws

                                                                                                                               Bicycles Chain Wheel Crank set Mono-lock Double Screws Bolts Nut

Custom Bolt and Nut

Here is TITANIUM fairing bolt to help keep your bike looking in tip top condition.

They have an allen fitting which is different from the Pozidrive slot on the regular part, but we've all rounded out the slot on Pozidrive bolts but rarely do it to an Allen bolt.

Only a puritan would consider these out of place on a beautiful classic bike, but all the dimensions are exactly the same as the original steel bolt.

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