Sea motorboat accessories

Telease time:2021 / 11 / 30

Sea motorboat accessories

From 2011, Bailian hardware electronics co.,Ltd( below as Bailian) has been producing parts of CNC motorboats with oxidization colorful for our customers.Bailian has experience in the processing of marine motorboat parts more than 10 years.The total value of orders for motorboat parts processing received by the business department this month is also twice that of the previous year.

Bailians engineer provides the drawing base on the size of the connecting parts of the boat from customer. Bailian produces the first golden samples after getting drawing from customer confirmation.Then customer determines oxidation of different colors for every items pieces.Each connection fitting must be confirmed by the physical assembly with customers motorboat. The design of anti-salt spray and long-term wading environment should be taken into consideration for sea motorboat.

Bailian Hardware adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship,The application of each accessory should be considered in the design of various parts of the motorboat.Such as: buffering gap design, some connecting parts are hydraulic oil pipe leak-proof design, various different parts of the motorboat should fully consider the material, hardness and buffering requirements required by the sea motorboat application.These are consider what our engineers of Baiian must achieve with years of work experience to cover.

Customers continue to cooperate with Bailian every year to develop different new accessories. During Bailian cooperation with customers getting grow together and expand.