Congratulate our customer​ as one of the Polish Be

Telease time:2021 / 11 / 24

Congratulate our customer as one of the Polish Best Enterprise Award.

11/22 Received the good news shared by customers, his company was invited by Poland government. Our customer got the State Award as one of the best entrepreneurs in Poland -the ceremony took atat the royal castle in the capital of the country . The client mainly operates a public shared locomotive refueling repair station for bicycles and motorcycles.The products are installed in urban areas, towns and rural streets, as well as on remote and remote cycling roads.The entire system of this shared bicycle includes a self-pumping device, all tools needed for self-maintenance, and a long-term installation outdoors that can last for a service life of 15-20 years.All of the products requirement are durable, waterproof, never rusty, not easy to be damaged, cannot be dismantled at will, and requires very high anti-theft characteristics.

Through the full design and verification of Bailian hardware Electronics Co.,Ltd (below as Bailian) project engineers, it finally perfectly exceeded the customer's initial expectations.For this project, Bailian designed a gas filling tool that will never be damaged. It adopts an independent design and cannot be removed for the anti-theft function. .Each accessory requires relatively high precision.There are multiple CNC assembly and connection accessories, and the threaded parts of each connection are very precise and beautiful.

The engineers of Bailian also provided the customer with an anti-theft bolt and anti-theft nut, which is an independent shared adjustment kit for cycling enthusiasts.It can satisfy every cycling enthusiast to replace the accessories on their own car, so that others can't steal your tires.The anti-theft connection parts are our most distinctive feature for more than 20 years. This ensures the uniqueness of the tool, and the general population cannot smoothly open the customer's toolkit.

As the supplier of this customer, it is also an honor to congratulate the customer again for winning one of the Polish Best Enterprise Award.

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