The hexagon screw installing​

Telease time:2021 / 06 / 12

The hexagon screw installing

The hexagon screw will slide when it is installed, but the one we bought here before will not. After inspection, it is found that the hexagon wrench on the customer's side is worn and causes sliding teeth.

So stainless steel screw sliding teeth need to consider which several factors?

1. Size of inner hexagon: if the size of inner hexagon is too large or too shallow, the phenomenon of sliding head will appear during installation( Our products are all produced according to the standard size and within the standard tolerance

2. Degaussing treatment of stainless steel machine screw: stainless steel machine screw will have micro magnetism. After degaussing treatment, the hardness of stainless steel machine screw will be a little softer, so the torque will be smaller. When the force is large, the sliding head may appear.

3. Stainless steel screw material: wrong material selection, different material torque is different.

4. Hexagon wrench: it's hard to avoid wearing after using for a long time, so the size will change, which is also an important reason for sliding teeth.