How to take out the broken screws

Telease time:2019 / 09 / 12

How to take out the broken screws

When the machine is working, or during the process of repairing the car, it is inevitable that the screw will be broken. Today we have summarized some good ways to remove the screw.

Method one: hammer and screwdriver

Use tools: hammer, slotted screwdriver

Operation method: directly insert a small gap directly on the edge of the broken screw rod, and then cut the broken screw according to the angle.

Method two: hammer and chisel

Use tools: hammer, chisel

Operation method: Same as method one, first cut the gap, then cut it out obliquely.

Method three: hammer and pointer

Use tools: hammer, punch

Operation method: Same as method one, first cut the gap, then cut it out obliquely.

Method four: solder a nut

Use tools: welding machine, pliers, nuts

Operation method:

1. Use a suitable size nut;

2. Clamp the nut with pliers and weld it to the broken screw with a welder; (note that when soldering, do not weld the screw to the outer casing)

3. After the welding is completed, screw it out;

Method 5: Dedicated extractor (reverse tap)

Use tools: electric drill, reverse tap, pickpocket

Operation method:

1. Drill a hole smaller than the screw on the broken screw with an electric drill;

2. Install the reverse tap and tighten it counterclockwise by hand;

3. Rotate the counter tap with the screw counterclockwise with your hand.

Method six: drill bit drilling

Use tools: electric drill, size drill, slotted screwdriver

Operation method:

1. First drill the screw with a small drill bit;

2, then use the drill bit smaller than the screw to drill the entire screw

(Small tips: first drill with a small drill bit, then use a large drill bit to drill, the speed is much faster)

3. Use a screwdriver to pry the rest.

Method 7: Install an internal and external threaded screw

Use tools: electric drill, wire tapping hand, internal and external thread screws

Operation method:

1. Measure the size of the current inner and outer thread screws

2. Continue to drill the broken screw with a drill bit smaller than the inner and outer thread screws.

3, then use the wire tap to make a new thread

4. Screw in the inner and outer threads and cut off the excess parts;

5. Remove the inner and outer screws and put them on the screws.

Also, there is other ways

1. You can use a grinder to smooth the broken wire, then drill with a small drill bit, and then gradually change to a larger drill bit. The broken wire will gradually fall off. After falling off, use the original tap to re-tapping the tooth. Advantages can be achieved without increasing the aperture

2. Weld an iron rod on the broken object and then screw it out. (Disadvantages: a, too small broken material can not be welded; b, the welding skill is extremely high, easy to burn the workpiece; c, the weld is easy to break, the probability of taking out the broken object is very small.

3. Use a tapered tool that is harder than the broken object. (Disadvantages: a, only suitable for brittle fractures, break the broken material, and then slowly remove it; b, the broken material is too deep, too small to be taken out; c, easy to destroy the original hole.

4. Make a hexagonal electrode smaller than the diameter of the broken object. Use a spark machine to machine a hexagonal counterbore on the broken object, and then screw it out with an Allen key. (Disadvantages: a. It is useless for rusted or stuck broken objects; b, useless for large workpieces; c, useless for too small broken objects; d, time consuming, and troublesome.)

5. Directly use an electrode that is smaller than the broken object and use an EDM machine. (Disadvantages: a, useless for large workpieces, can not be placed in the EDM machine table; b, time-consuming; c, too deep, easy to deposit carbon, can not fight.)

6, with alloy drills (disadvantages: a, easy to destroy the original hole; b, useless for hard cuts; c, alloy drill bit is brittle and easy to break.)

7. There is now a portable machine designed and manufactured using the principle of electric machining, which can easily and quickly break the screw. Broken tap drill

8. If the screw is not too hard, you can flatten the end face. When you find the center point, use a small bit to punch it up, drill it with a small drill bit, make it vertical, and then reverse it with a broken wire extractor. You can

9. If you can't buy the broken wire extractor, use a larger bit to continue to ream the hole. When the hole is close to the screw, some wire will not fall off, remove the remaining wire, and then re-trim with the tap.

10. If the broken wire of the screw is exposed, or the screw is not strict, there is a saw with a hand saw, the saw can be sewn, and the outer casing is also sawed, and then removed with a flat-blade screwdriver.

11. If the broken wire is exposed to a certain length and the melting point of the mechanical material is not too low, an extended T-bar can be welded on the screw by electric welding, so that it can be easily unscrewed from the welded rod.

12. If the screw rust is very serious, if it is not handled well by the above method, it is recommended to add a little oil after roasting the fire, and use the corresponding method above.

13. After much effort by N, although the screw is taken out, but the hole is also scrapped, simply drill a larger hole tapping, if the original screw position and size are limited, you can also play a bigger Screw in, or direct wire tapping, and then tap the small hole in the center of the large screw. However, internal metal structure problems after soldering are sometimes difficult to tap.

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