Torque Anti-theft Bolt

Material:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel etc.

Surface Finish: Plain, Zinc, Dacromet, Black, Nickle etc.

Application: Machine, Bicycle, Furniture,Automotive etc.

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Torque Anti-theft Bolt

Torque anti theft bolt is one kind of Anti-theft screws

Anti-theft screws, also known as anti-demolition screws, in today's major businessmen in order to safeguard their own interests and the use of anti-theft screws.


1, to protect the interests of businesses, businesses in their own products using anti-theft screws.

2, the role of anti-theft, in many outdoor products will use anti-theft screws, because in the outdoors, there are many defects in the management, and the use of anti-theft screws to greatly reduce the unnecessary losses. For example: in the outdoor fence anti-theft screws are widely used.

3, easy to use, the use of special wrench can be installed, without the need for special and complex tools, manufacturers will be equipped with special tools to customers, so there is no need to worry about the installation problem.

4,Good looking.


Four features: 1. Simple and innovative structure, the standard bolt to facilitate the user, and save a fastening nut, so that integration and fastening integration.

2. Domestic first application of "reverse lock" principle, so that unique and reliable anti-theft performance, while the use of anti-theft sets of comprehensive protection, so that the theft can not start.                       3. Lock, self-locking, for a wide range of old lines can be re-installed.

4. Easy to install, no need to use special tools, tighten ease, to solve the existing anti-theft nut difficult to tighten the problem.


Anti-theft screws are widely used in their applications, such as: power facilities, railway facilities, highway facilities, oilfield facilities, urban lighting street lighting facilities, light car tires and public fitness equipment and so on. Product performance, by the community of various industries of widespread concern and praise.